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With the current cocktail renaissance in our midst, people everywhere excited about trying new things, the word “craft” being attached to nearly everything these days, and cocktails being a way to really add a new flair and complexity to the drinking experience and distinguish your venue from others, it is imperative that every drinking establishment have the capability to create at least a few great cocktails! No matter where you are located, whether you think you have a market for specialty cocktails or not, it is guaranteed that someone in your establishment is looking for a good cocktail!

Whether you are a local pub in a rural area, or a specialty cocktail bar in a major metropolitan area, the Spirit of 33 team would love to help you build, improve, or customize your cocktail program. We have traveled the world to visit and review many of the greatest cocktail bars! We have seen what it takes to have a great reputation in the industry, and what it means to be truly World Class! We also understand what the ability to create great cocktails can do for every kind of bar! Whether it’s a short list of proper well-made classic cocktails on your menu, or a multi-page bespoke cocktail menu that defines your establishment, a good cocktail and great service can mean a world of difference to your business!

Did you ever try to find a craft beer in a local bar ten years ago? It was nearly impossible, unless you knew just where to go! The places with the long tap lists then, are still the top places to get a good beer today! Many of those same places are now adding cocktails to their menus! Because they were innovators then, they saw the trends and jumped on it early, they became the best bars in town! We believe, as they are starting to see, that the cocktail is quickly becoming as important in popular culture as craft beer was back then!

If you are an established venue or just starting a brand-new bar or eatery, with our experience, Spirit of 33 is in a unique position to help in a variety of different ways! We would love to help your business be the one that people go to because they know they can get a good cocktail!

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Customized Consulting

Design a cocktail menu to suit your needs and style

From adding a proper mix of classic and contemporary, to developing a fully bespoke cocktail list that sets you apart from the competition! We’ll work with you and your bartenders to create the experience that you want your patrons to have!

Stock your bar to create proper cocktailing capabilities

Have the right ingredients to create proper classics, and enable your professional staff to create a completely unique experience!

Bartender training

Train your bartenders to have the right tools and formulas to recreate the classics and enable them to expand your signature cocktail list with cocktails that excite and wow your most discerning patrons! Or, even enable them to create fantastic cocktails on-the-fly for patrons that just don’t see exactly what they’re looking for on the menu.

Hospitality training

Cocktail culture requires a particular level of class, patience, and hospitality to offer an experience that is worth traveling the world to return for, and make your local patrons keep coming back, time and time again! Spirit of 33 can offer the basic tips that every cocktail bar should know to create a truly world class experience!

Organize your space for comfort, hospitality, style, and efficiency

Looking to create an efficient workspace for your staff, or an atmosphere that allows for optimum hospitality and style? The Spirit of 33 team has seen how it has been done in the best bars around the world, and has ideas that can make your establishment be the joint everyone is happy to go for a drink!

Custom premier reviews and advertisement

With every successful consultation, we provide a premier review on our website that will highlight your existing and new capabilities! All Spiritof33.com website guests and members around the world, and your venue’s particular location, will see what makes your venue stand out amongst the crowd!

Ticketed event advertisement and ticket sales

Hold a ticketed event to showcase your new cocktail menu or improved capabilities! Promote and advertise your own events directly on our website with a business level membership, and even sell tickets online directly through our website!

Still don’t think we’re the right team to help your establishment improve? Send us and email, or give us a call! We’d love to talk to you about your business!