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Based on our passion for quality spirits and cocktails as well as our love of travel, we envisioned a business that would help like-minded cocktail and craft spirits connoisseurs around the world come together to enjoy the craft. Our goal is to provide the largest user base for members of the craft spirits and cocktail community with a website and application where we can share our experiences and help others research and celebrate the best cocktails, bartenders, cocktail bars and craft spirits.  We do this through professional and interactive customer reviews and serve as a resource for enthusiasts, venues, bartenders, craft spirit makers, and you!

The Scene

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I love the way they capture the "spirit" of the end of Prohibition.  I can't wait for the Repeal Day Party!


Who knew "cocktails" could be more complex than whisky-cokes!  Spirit of 33 helped me get out of my comfort zone, broaden my horizons, and come up with my new favorites of my own.


Before Spirit of 33 I had no idea there were speakeasies in my city!  I can't wait to check them all out!


I love the way they focus their events on independent distillers, rather than the big name brands.

Kelly C.

Wonderful people with an eagerness to learn and a passion for the craft cocktail community!


Wow! I thought I was knowledgeable about whiskey.  I once belonged to a scotch tasters club. I was known by many as a quasi-expert on the topic of single malt scotch.  Once I started talking to the proprietors of Spirit of 33, I found out how little I actually knew.  Their knowledge and level of expertise is very impressive.  I would recommend the site to all who consume or design fine cocktails.


I use the Spirit of 33 website to find out what Dawn and Lee are up to and see what new drinks they are trying. I really love the great places they find and the fun and interesting people that they meet. When they say a place is "hot" you better believe it.

Marnie O.

I use Spirit of 33 to find great events and get tickets. I have never been to events that were better run.

Phil M.

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The Blind Pig

{ The definitive word on the cocktail scene }

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  • Unconventional Drinkware- Last spring, we had some friends and family over on Easter Sunday. There is a certain expectation when people come over that I will make them at least one new cocktail when they visit. In the spirit of the Easter holiday, I decided to make a new cocktail that I[...]
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